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Overview of Science Courses

WOSMS Science department is a close group of teachers who have a passion for the sciences. Students will have plenty of opportunities to be apart of science experiments, and plenty of hands on activities.
6th Grade
Students focus on  “Earth Science” which includes resources and methods to conserve energy resources, properties of matter, elements and compounds, solar system, force and motion, taxonomy and ecosystems.
7th Grade
Students will be learning about “Life Science” which includes structure and function of animal and plant cell; human health, nutrition and healthy habits; body systems and homeostasis; genetics; investigating organisms and their environments.
8th Grade
Students will learn about “Physical Science” which covers the state of matter; physical and chemical properties of matter; interaction and energy related to matter; atoms and periodic table; chemical formulas and chemical reactions; components of universe; force and motion; interdependence among living systems.