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General Resources

Our campus welcomes parent participation and involvement. Resources will be made available soon. Please click on additional links on the right.
One way parents can help to send box tops and/or aluminum cans to our school to help raise funds for our life skill program as well supplies for our classrooms.
Please take time and go to and sign up under West Orange Stark Middle School, zip code 77630 and help our school raise MONEY!!!! As a member you can take part in one minute surveys etc. to earn box tops for our school. I will also be putting a box top kit in your mail box that will explain some fun ways to get students to bring in box tops, along with tickets to be given to students to put in for the weekly drawings that we hold. Also included will be names of products that have the box top label on them, as well as online and offline stores that provide points to our school when you shop through them.
So please box tops and cans to help our causes.
Also underway is the PTA organization membership drive. Please join and participate to help our school grow strong.  See